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Humanity is the key to the successful future

I help communities to build trust, flexibility and cooperation skills.​​

Communication as a resource

The challenges of well-being and the ever-accelerating and unpredictable change in the world challenge the operating models of all communities. I train work communities to tame uncertainty and increase mental flexibility to operate in the midst of change. More than ever, both individuals and communities need skills to interact, innovate and increase well-being in a socially sustainable way. My trainings build an operating culture that invites each of its members to experience togetherness, commitment and psychological safety. Because everyone deserves to be seen and feel themselves important.

Trainings for work communities

Both the individual and the community level are present in my trainings: the process is meaningful both as a strengthening of one’s own self-knowledge and social interactions. Listening skills, giving value to others’ ideas and being influenced by the environment are emphasized in various exercises. In this case, the end result of the creation process is always greater than the sum of its parts.

The methods aim for long-term effectiveness:

✓ reduce absences and resignations

✓ increases productivity and commitment to common goals

✓ increases work well-being and flexibility to change

4,9/5 Overall grade

5/5 Professionalism of trainers



Feedback from the participants in “Intuition, empathy and interaction as part of teaching”-trainings (1=poor and 5=excellent; 176 respondents). Kaisa Kokko-Palmer was the co-teacher and more than 250 teachers from all over Finland took part in the trainings.

Emotional skills ©

Online Training 3 x 1 h
  • 1: Creating space for psychologically safe environment
  • 2: Enabling emotions and empathy
  • 3: Going from the fear of failure to the joy of excitement

Communication as resource ©

Contact training 3 h
  • for teams, customer service, managers, teachers, social service and health professionals
  • 4-20 participants / group
  • practical exercises + work book

Training series

Duration 3-6 months
  • for teams, customer service, managers, teachers, social service and health professionals
  • 4-20 participants / group
  • Content tailored to customer's needs

Julia Petäjä

I founded Pedai Oy out of a passion to change the world to be more empathetic one community at a time.

I am a teacher (FM), musician, improv actor and podcaster. Thanks to my education and work experience, I have excellent expertise in learning and pedagogy. I have worked as an educator for more than 13 years and, for example, in 2019-2023, I implemented continuing education for teachers funded by the Finnish Agency for Education. However, the contents of my training and the methods of applied improvisation are suitable for all communities, regardless of industry.

In applied improvisation, accepting interaction, letting go of the fear of failure and collectively developing ideas are emphasized. I also regularly train improvisational theater related to the art form, and perform in music and improvisational theatre.

Pedai Oy  |  |  +358 41 505 2188  |  LinkedIn